Physiotherapy in Amsterdam

AmstelFysio is the practice in Amsterdam and surroundings for athletes. The practice specializes in endurance sports (running, cycling, swimming) but is also your go-to place for any other (sports) injuries.

Together with the physiotherapist we’ll get on top of your injuries by means of both exercise therapy and manual therapy and reduce chances of recurring injuries.

At AmstelFysio we really value our patients and patients’ experience which is why we work according the following values and principles:

  • Every human is unique and needs a unique approach
  • Tailor-made injury rehab or prevention plans
  • Tailor-made aftercare
  • Extensive experience in endurance sports
  • Acces to own gym with required equipment
  • The passion & drive to make every patient better and help them achieve their goals

AmstelFysio - your Endurance sports specialist:

  • Physiotherapy after working hours, open until 21:00
  • No waiting list
  • Located in Amsterdam’s city centre
  • State of the art training facilities
  • No referral from GP needed


In 2020 we have signed contracts with most health insurance companies, apart from NVZ, Menzis, CZ, ASR, iptiQ, De Friesland, Zorg en Zekerheid, ENO. There are a multitude of reasons for us not to have signed the contract with the above mentioned parties, which you can read (here.).

If you are insured with any of the above mentioned companies, this simply means we invoice you the costs of your consultations which you then send in to your health insurance company. You’ll then receive a reimbursement for most of the costs you’ve made with us.

Tests and Training

Do you want to find out what your limitations are, what goals you can set for the next sports season or how fast you can run that marathon?

AmstelFysio offers a range of different tests to measure your physical abilities, whether you’re a pro athlete, a weekend warrior or anything in between.

We believe that anything is possible, and want to help you achieve your goals.

At AmstelFysio, we offer the following range of tests and training.

Circuit training

The circuit training is aimed at preventing injuries and ensuring that you are mobile and strong in all parts of your body. We emphasize on footcore, hip and glute strength and core stability.

Personal Training

Tailor-made personal training including personalized exercise program, focusing on those areas of your body that need extra attention.

VO2max test

Do you want to improve your training efficiency and capacity, training load and race times? Then we can highly recommend you to do a VO2max test!

Performance test

Do you want to perform better? Minimize your injury risk and maximise your training efficiency? We can help you by making a strength and weaknesses analysis during our performance test!!

Health Check

The Health Check is meant for everyone, whether you’re fit or not (yet). Health should be a main priority for everyone, we want to help you improve this.

Want to know more about tests and training? Have a closer look at our test and training webpage, e-mail us at or call us at 020 - 26 10 26 8.

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